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One stop solution for all your "Packaging" Requirements



E- & Engineering

L- Level

V- of Varity to become

A- Advance and

X- Xpert

About ASelvax

Serving an advance level Automation to all FMCG's

ASelvax Automation, one of the best automatic packing machine manufacturers in India, was established in 2010. 

ASelvax is known for its outstanding performance in various automatic packing machines for different industrial applications

What We Manufacturing


Filling Machines

Our range of filling: Linear Fillers | Rotary fillers | Indexing fillers | for all kind of bottles and for product Servo concept | Volumetric fillers| Gravity fillers | Load cell based fillers | Auger fillers etc.


Capping Machines

In Capping section we are having Screw capping, crown capping, ROPP capping, Lug Capping, Pressfit capping, pull type capping, pump type capping, trigger type capping etc.


Sealing Machines

For container sealing we are making Conduction sealer, Induction sealer in roll form or pick & Place type.


Labeling Machines

Label applicator is one of our good experties, we are making, Sticker labeling, BOPP Labeling, Sleeve Applicator, for round, Taper & Flat bottle.


End Packaging & Tunnels

To compelete the tunnkey posobilities we added Shrink wrapping machine and cartoon tapping machine in our showcase. Also in tunnel section we are making Heat shrink tunnel, Steam Shrink tunnel, Cooling tunnel, Pasturizer tunnel, Warmer tunnel.


Our Manufacturing facility

Advanced & Enhanced 

At our production facility located near MIDC, New Bomby, we employ over 50+ people in our 3,000 f² manufacturing plant which features the latest state of the Machine Manufacturing Resource Planning system (MRP II), 3D design, CNC machinery and manufacturing techniques.

Latest Projects

Bottle cleaning machine for Middle east


This project we have done in only 7 days & dispatch successfully for middle east

Sleeve Applicator for critical bottle


This is one of the most critical bottle sleeving machine which we made for a big Indian MNC.

Compelete line of dense product filling & Capping  with sticker labeling


Dense product labeling & Filling

RFC for botteling plant


Quality RFC for botteling plant dispatched for one of the region in africa

Shrink wrapping machine successful installation


Recently we have succefully installed a shrink wrapping machine for a big brand in south india

Bottle cleaning machine for India


We have made this cleaning for a big india dairy brand

We bring our expertise to multiple packaging sectors, developing the industry's future and redefining what is possible, one project at a time.

Our Focus Areas



Food & Beverages

ASelvax's Food and beverages packaging provides protection, tampering resistance and special physical, chemical, or biological needs for the food and beverages. Further Food packaging aids food nutrition, rapid and reliable distribution of food among the value chain and reduces post-harvest losses.


Pharma & Cosmetics

ASelvax's safety and hygiene are the main priorities for pharmaceutical & cosmetics packaging followed by cost, efficiency and flexibility. Polypropylene Plastic Packaging provides the durability, lightweight and versatility required to make pharmaceutical packaging safe, fibre-free and hygienic.


Dairy & Lubricants

Milk and dairy products are among the most important staple foods needed for health and balanced nutrition due to their nutritious properties and product diversity. Consumption habits of these products also vary from place to place depending on social and cultural conditions. We understand how dairy products usually place stringent demands on packaging to protect against spoilage. ASelvax offers automated packaging machines and integrated packaging systems for a wide variety of liquid dairy products.

My Machine

This app will help you to bring the machine performance on your dashboard while production.

I Pack

In this app you can check the progress, Design, Payment status, Layout, dispatch schedule and many more about  your machine after ordering us.

Check me

Our employs are key of our growth, this app is helping our employs to know their performance, salary criteria, attendance, customer reviews and many more. 

We are engaged with future


Our design experties

Our design team who has expert knowledge in the conceptual design, layout, and selection of conveyors and chains for bottle and can filling lines. Their deep expertise includes the selection and integration of specialized packaging machinery and systems included in those system layouts.

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Water Line

Juice line

soda line

milk line

cosmetic line

Oil & ghee line

lubricant line

adhesive line

Pouch Pack Line

Turnkey Projects

Treasure of Spares

Our spare treasure beautified with 1000+ different spares, It make us different from others because our customer do not suffer from production loss due to spare unavailability.

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24x7 Service Support

On Call

Technical support

We know the root of our machinery so if there is any trouble facing we solve it out on call only.

On Site Service Support

Anywhere around the globe, our service engineers are ready to travel 24x7.

Operator & Technician Support

We provide expert operator to run the machine carefully for long while without any trouble.

Design & Layout Support

We can modify the machinery as per the bottle or container in sort of change part also.


& Online


We are having expert programmer in our bag who can support for any program failure.


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